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VoIP Solutions for Call Centers & Professional Services Firms

Provide responsive, prompt assistance and exceed client expectations

Provide faster responses and resolutions

No matter the industry or size of your business, unavailable call centers, long waiting times, and complicated internal routing are not acceptable to clients, and they will switch to your available, reliable competitors. Ensure that doesn’t happen with customized greeting messages, auto-attendant, and direct routing capabilities from Virtual Dial’s VoIP solutions.

Leverage enterprise-level communications solutions without breaking your budget

Whether your business requires tens or hundreds of customer service staff to be simultaneously available, SanTrac Virtual Dial’s VoIP solutions have you covered. Our flexible, flat monthly pricing helps you budget efficiently and scale cost-effectively without purchasing new hardware.

Record calls and track employee performance effectively

Our call recording and call accounting features archive all your calls in an unlimited virtual storage, so you can view each customer service agent’s daily active time, average call duration, and number of inbound and outbound calls, and leverage those insights to enhance the skills of your call center workforce.

Why do leading large enterprises across the industries trust SanTrac Virtual Dial’s VoIP solutions?

Tailored by the experts

We listen to your goals then build your telephony around your needs

Managed around the clock

Routine, unlimited software updates guarantee your VoIP always works the way you want

Responsive support

We fix any problems fast so you can resume working in no time