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VoIP Solutions for Government Agencies

Secure, compliant, cost-effective communications solutions

Collaboration solutions to enhance productivity

The daily large volumes of calls and emails usually occupy the time, money, and human resources at most government agencies, slowing down processes and operations. SanTrac Virtual Dial’s cloud-based telephony will resolve these problems. Our efficiency-enhancing capabilities include auto-attendant, direct routing, call accounting, and more to save time and take the burden of mundane administrative tasks off government agents’ shoulders, enabling them to devote their bandwidth to skill-demanding tasks.

Robust security to ensure compliance

Archive all call history, user data, and other information in our secure, geo-redundant virtual data centers. Combined with automated backup, government agencies can rest assured that all sensitive information will be safe from malicious data breaches or any natural disaster at all times.

Save costs with flat monthly fees

SanTrac Virtual Dial’s phone systems offer various suites of solutions to meet the needs of government agencies of all sizes and functions. All plans are available at flat monthly rates, allowing significant cost savings and strategic manpower and budget allocation to internal departments or public campaigns that are in need of extra resources.

SanTrac Virtual Dial offers turnkey communications solutions that allow government agencies to serve people more efficiently

Tailored by the experts

We listen to your goals then build your telephony around your needs

Managed around the clock

Routine, unlimited software updates guarantee your VoIP always works the way you want

Responsive support

We fix any problems fast so you can resume working in no time