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VoIP Solutions for Utilities Sector

Turnkey tools to streamline communications and enhance collaboration

Enhanced collaboration

Our cloud-based telephony consolidates a bundle of next-gen communications and collaboration solutions in one place and keeps your entire utility company connected in real time, whether your technicians are out troubleshooting and resolving problems for clients on-site or brainstorming on your next expansion project.

Streamlined operations

SanTrac Virtual Dial’s time-saving, efficiency-enhancing capabilities like auto-attendant, voicemail to email, and call recording simplify your processes, speed up your workflow, and free your employees up from mundane tasks so they can contribute more to the growth of the company.

Reduced expenses

SanTrac Virtual Dial’s flat monthly pricing model means you can leverage the advanced features and deliver better services, without worrying about expensive, unpredictable phone bills. You’ll also save on hardware purchasing and maintenance fees, as well as hiring costs for a large team of in-house operators and administrators and be able to allocate your resources more cost-effectively.

SanTrac Virtual Dial‘s VoIP solutions help businesses in the utilities sector stay ahead of the competition

Tailored by the experts

We listen to your goals then build your telephony around your needs

Managed around the clock

Routine, unlimited software updates guarantee your VoIP always works the way you want

Responsive support

We fix any problems fast so you can resume working in no time